Orwell’s 1984. Here. Now.

Government agencies gaining access to all of your financial history -without your knowledge and consent. 

Authorities prosecuting individuals who have rightly and justly chosen to defend their homes and families in life-threatening situations.

An elected government taking an increasing percentage of your hard earned income and giving those tax dollars to third world despots and globalists organizations actively working to undermine  Canadian legal, social, economic and cultural values – replacing Canadian sovereignty with socialist ideological globalism.

Divisive identity politics that promotes special interest group interests ahead of the welfare and well-being of all Canadians, with justice and law no longer applied equally, universally and in accordance with legislation by ‘social activist’ judges who no longer respect the power of the legislative branch of government.

The looming spectre of a sitting Canadian government abrogating its responsibility to Canadians and allowing the UN to create an immigration policy that will overwhelm the Canadian identity and create an unsustainable financial burden of untoward proportions.

An elected government picking economic ‘winners and losers’ based on ideology and globalist lobbying instead of protecting and preserving the right of Canadian investors and workers to generate income and economic well-being in a free market, laissez faire demonstrably successful economic model as evidenced south of the 49th parallel since the election of Trump.

We watch our elected government, openly and publicly, encourage known terrorists and agents of foreign powers committed to the destruction of Canada and our value systems to return to Canada, whether Canadian citizens or not, with impunity and with blatant disregard of existing Canadian laws and international law concerning insurgents and terrorists.

Have we lost our collective minds?  How did we get to this place?  And why are more Canadians not standing up for the Canadian values that made our country strong, free and a land of opportunity?  When did we become acquiescent sheep instead of entrepreneurial, hard-working individuals interested in preserving our integrity, our freedom, our responsibilities, and our future?

Two of the most compelling and disturbing books of my youth were written by Eric Arthur Blair (aka George Orwell) , a 20th century colourful literary eccentric who sported tribal Burmese tattoos, ‘went native’ even in his own country and was descended from ‘landed gentry’ who filled exotic colonial posts including a father who worked in the Opium department of the Indian Civil Service and a wife who worked in the Censorship Department of the British Government Ministry of Information .

In spite of this background, perhaps because of it, Orwell became one of the most visionary writers of the mid twentieth century, writing dystopian novels concerning totalitarianism, propaganda and state control over individuals.  ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984′ are as bleak, chilling and prophetic as is Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.

As disturbing as those ‘science fiction’ genre novels seemed at the time, never did I actually believe that I would, in my lifetime, witness firsthand the current epic degeneration and corruption of foundational Western Civilization freedoms, values and principles.

Until the collapse of the Berlin Wall, totalitarian statehood seemed restricted to Third World nations, the former USSR, Communist China, North Korea and their ilk.

Now, however, due to an incessant creep of socialist, globalist doctrine infused into otherwise democratic countries, we are witnessing an attack on Western Civilization values that is a virtual assault on a significant egalitarian system that most of us have grown up to embrace and cherish.

We witnessed, from afar, the degeneration of European nation states as they abrogated their own sovereignty by creating ‘Post National’ and ‘Super National’ institutions such as the European Union, de-legitimizing their own laws, rights and responsibilities in the process.  We watched these European nations start to lose their own national identities and culture, as an uncontrolled spread of multi-culturalism and multi-nationalism, aided and abetted by virtually uncontrolled immigration policies, has diluted the social fabric of these countries, most notably Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Sweden, to the point where police tell law abiding citizens that they literally must stay out of ‘lawless zones’ into which the police forces will not venture even to protect citizens who pay dearly for that right.

We watch as a globalist financed and backed caravan of illegal aliens approach the US southern border to demand entry and rights accorded to US citizens without following due process.  We sit by, idly, as the Canadian government allows thousands of illegal aliens into our own country, housing these illegal aliens in expensive hotels without any established limit on how much of our taxpayer Canadian resources will be expended – and to what purpose.

We sit back, comfortably and idly, as Canadian main stream news organizations propagandize, idolize and deify Canadian political leaders who are actively, and with malice aforethought, destroying the very institutions, values and principles that made Canada one of the world’s pre-eminent countries that could once hold its head high in the international community of nations.

Take some time and think about what is really happening to you, your country Canada – and your future.

Think about the consequences of restricting free speech as mandated by M-103.

Consider the possible economic collapse of the Canadian economy as is likely because of Bill C-69 and punitive Carbon Tax legislation.

Ponder the invasion of your own personal, and financial, privacy as a result of the sitting government supporting Stats Canada gaining access to your personal financial information, current and historical, without your knowledge and consent.

Reflect on the unimaginable social cost of allowing a little known and understood clause in the Paris Accord to force Canada to enter into an immigration policy known as the UN Global Compact on Migration which virtually assures that the Canadian government, and Canadians, will lose jurisdiction over our own immigration policies and goals.

Invest some time and educate yourself to the social, cultural and economic catastrophic  maelstrom that Canada is fast approaching – unless concerned, knowledgeable and principled Canadians intervene and throw a corrupt, globalist, ideologically ‘bought and paid for’ Liberal government out of power in 2019.

Then, do yourself a further favour and read, or re-read, Orwell’s ‘1984’.  Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.  Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.

Ask yourself, objectively, how close we really are to those chilling alternatives becoming our new Canadian reality.

You, the Canadian voter and taxpayer, may well be the last line of defense.

Think about your future, the future of Canada and the future of generations of Canadians who will depend on the decisions we collectively make.  Now.  Today.  In 2019.  Then ask yourself how many more chances are we going to be given to preserve all that we have achieved and hold sacred – the very fabric of our Canadian identity.

An Historic Opportunity — To Stop Doing Dumb Things

Today,  Peoples Party Of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier officially filed with Elections Canada to register Canada’s newest political party (I would post a link with pictures, if I knew how to do stuff like that!).  This is an historic day, and it represents an historic opportunity : an opportunity for the people of this country to one day soon elect a government that will stop doing dumb things. 

Too many of us, for far too long, have concentrated on what we think our governments ought to do , as if having everyone’s laundry lists filled and hobby-horses catered to would somehow lead to good governance.  As understandable as this approach may seem (and I have been as guilty of it as anyone else in the past), it is erroneous.  For to achieve that good and sensible balanced governance which all normal people want, avoiding harmful policies — in other words, not doing dumb things — is just as important, maybe even more important, than “doing the right things”.

Imagine then, a government that no longer practiced confiscatory taxation, but instead strove for fairness in the tax system, ensuring that no Canadian paid income tax until he or she had earned enough to support themselves and their dependents, but also making certain that hard work, ingenuity and  success were not punished ;  imagine a government that recognized that the notion of “managing the economy” is patently ridiculous, and thus refrained from all the forms of corporate welfare that have so distorted and held back the economic landscape of this country, and from promoting and subsidizing certain favoured industries at the expense of all others ; imagine a government that would vet all potential immigrants carefully, to ensure that only those who want to come here and live as Canadians, and help to make the country a wealthier, happier place, would be welcomed in, while ensuring that habitual criminals and those looking to import the cultural practices that made their home countries intolerable for so many would be politely turned away ;  imagine a government that would do everything possible to keep the Canadian Dollar strong and stable, therefore preserving the value of every Canadian’s labour, entrepreneurship, and savings,  rather than purposely devaluing it for the benefit of a well-connected few.

And imagine, if you will, a government that would only employ the Canadian Forces if there was a direct national interest in doing so, or if the lives of Canadian citizens were in jeopardy, and would never callously place our soldiers in harm’s way for the sake of making a few brownie points with the UN or NATO, or for preserving the silly notion that one can practice “peacekeeping” in places where the peace has not even been made.  

The dumb policies mentioned above — absurdly high taxes, economic micro-management, corporate welfare, out-of-control immigration and so-called Multiculturalism (AKA a recipe for civil war), currency debasement, and misuse of the military — are but a few of the practices that have cost Canadian taxpayers dearly over the past several decades.  How many billions have been squandered (after first being confiscated!), how many lives have been ruined, or even lost, because governments of the past decided, in their lack of wisdom, to go down these roads?  

It is clear, then, that avoiding dumb and counterproductive actions is vitally important, not least because it then saves resources for the truly beneficial things governments can do, such as providing transport infrastructure, keeping the civil peace, adjudicating disputes, protecting the borders, and ensuring the existence of a decent social safety net to be used by those who find themselves in dire financial circumstances through no fault of their own.  But where will Canadians find such governance?  Who can form a government which is capable of NOT engaging in stupid and counterproductive policy?

It won’t be the Liberals, that’s for sure.  Nor the NDP ; both of these are too busy thinking up new ways to restrict and regulate every facet of every Canadian’s life to bother themselves with such deep thoughts.  And the Conservative Party of Canada have lately developed an acute allergy to principles of any kind, to the point where the voter never knows where their stance is on any topic from one day to the next.   The Green Party, of course,  doesn’t bear mentioning.

No, friends, the only hope of this kind of wise, balanced governance is from the newest kid on the block, the Peoples Party of Canada.  It is growing by leaps and bounds every day, and Maxime is working hard to gather to it people of like mind to himself — people who believe in the natural liberty of all human beings, in true free enterprise, and in small, efficient government that always works for the benefit of the Common Man, and avoids doing patently dumb things.  

Like I said. . . an historic day.

On Finding the True Political Centre

Self-styled experts are fond of telling us that to be successful in politics, one must learn to be “kinda middle of the road”,  that you must be neither right nor left wing but rather a “centrist”.  This has almost become a sort of received wisdom, particularly in Canada, and politicians and their parties seem to be forever striving to be seen as the ones who are “claiming the centre ground”.  This would be admirable, and beneficial, except for one little thing.  Actually, one big thing.   The fact is, very few people  — and even fewer careerist politicians and bureaucrats —  understand what the terms “right-wing” and “left-wing” mean, and thus have no idea where the true centre lies, or what it means to be a true centrist.

Let us begin by defining the two terms placed in scare quotes above in plain language.  To put it simply,  a leftist believes in the supremacy of the State, that government is always good, always the answer to everything, and has  a role to play in most if not all aspects of the lives of the citizenry.  A rightist believes the opposite ; he distrusts all government, thinks it is at best incompetent and at worst willfully crooked, and thinks that he would be better off without it, or at least most of it.   

From this we can see that the extreme end of the left-wing spectrum is Totalitarianism, wherein the government controls the better part of the economy, strictly regulates the lives and actions of all the people, and even attempts to control the way they speak and think.   Examples of these extreme-left societies would be the old Soviet Union, Cuba under Castro, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and of course, the good old PRC.   On the opposite end of the spectrum, we can see that the extreme right-wing position is literal anarchy —  no laws, no rules or principles, just every man for himself and the best man, on a given day, wins.   There are no long-term examples of any jurisdictions that thrived in a state of anarchy, for obvious reasons.

Clearly, life under a far-left government is intolerable to any psychologically normal person.  And anarchy, while it might sound like fun on the surface, is almost always the begetter of Totalitarian states — because in the vacuum created by a lack of basic law and order, you get a situation where the nastiest sociopathic control freaks battle it out to see who will be the top dog, and the winner(s) of that contest invariably impose a harsh police state in order to consolidate their power.  Not good!

So, what would constitute the true centre, and therefore a true centrist?

A true centrist believes this :  That there must be just enough rule of law to stop or at least discourage people from harming one another physically, financially or reputationally ;  that all people should have equal rights and responsibilities before the law, and no one person or group should receive special favours, or be purposely kept down ;  that taxation, although necessary, is an evil, and should kept to its lowest possible level, regardless of what systems may be used to collect it ;  that it is possible to have a social safety net while still preserving the individual’s freedom to choose ; and that each level of government ought to confine itself to its duties as outlined in the Constitution and refrain from other activities.   The true centrist believes that lawful authority and personal liberty must be in equilibrium, and therefore compliment and enhance each other.  

But where is this true centre to be found in Canada’s political landscape?  Not the Liberal Party ; not when they are led by a man who grew up at Fidel Castro’s feet and expresses his admiration for the Communist Party of China.  Nor do the CPC qualify anymore, if they ever really did ;  they have now drifted back toward the middle-left, and have become a (prospective) patron of special interests (how things have changed since Mr. H  was pushed aside!).  The NDP, while at least honestly deluded, remain in thrall to neo-Marxists, Trotskyites and trendy activists of every stripe.  A hopeless situation for the true centrist voter, then?

Ah, not so fast!  There is hope.  Hope that this country could at last have a balanced, fiscally and morally responsible government, one that respects all Canadians, and treats them as both  equals and as adults.  That hope is called . . .  the People’s Party of Canada.  Believe it, friends :  the PPC, and Maxime Bernier, are the real thing.  And it is quite possibly the first time that a truly national political party has been founded based on the premise that the concerns and welfare of the Average Canadian are the most important concerns of a proper and just government.  

Good governance, and an increase in general freedom and prosperity, are possible.  We just have to want it, and then labour to make it so.

Who’s in?


NAFTA Aftermath – Autopsy

Canada sent a part time drama teacher and a second string journalist to the NAFTA table to negotiate Canada’s short to medium term economic future with its largest trading partner.

The result was a deal that was inevitable and predictable – incredibly badly mishandled by a part time drama teacher and a second string journalist.  It was to be expected.

After months of Trump bashing, false bravado and a Santa Claus wishlist of conditions that were never going to be achievable in an adult, mature, pragmatic world, Trudeau and Freeland were sent home from Washington DC last week to moan, complain and commiserate with their sympathetic CBC and media (I don’t consider CBC legitimate media, BTW) sycophants.

With those two lightweight impediments safely out of the way, Trump, Robert Lighthizer and their team took the junior varsity Canadian contingent to school on negotiating and winning concessions.

To be fair, the US was going to gain ground on Canada – even if Canada would have sent reasonably competent negotiators.  Facts are facts.  Realities cannot be ignored.

Canada relies on the US for more than 20% of our economic output.

The US relies on Canada for less than 2% of its economic output.

Canada’s GDP growth rate as at July 2018 is 0.7%.

USA’s growth rate as at July 2018 is 4.2%. (6 times the Canadian rate)

Canada is increasing regulations and government interference in economic investment, both from Canadian and foreign sources.  Bill C-69 which allows the Environment Minister a veto is a prime example.

The US is systematically deregulating under Trump.  His promise that two (2) regulations will be eliminated for every new regulation implemented was incredibly conservative.  In fact, in 2017 twenty two (22) deregulatory actions were issued for every one (1) new regulation.

Canada’s exports of oil and petroleum products has almost flatlined since 2010 Petroleum exports were $94 Billion in 2010.  Petroleum exports were $97 Billion in 2017.

US exports of oil and petroleum products has more than doubled since 2010.

In 2015, the US was the 2nd ranked energy producer at 15%.  Canada was the 6th ranked energy producer at 3%.

The US accounted for 97% of Canadian energy exports in 2017NOT A TYPO.  97%.  The source for most of this information is Natural Resources Canada Government of Canada, easily confirmed on the Internet.

Even worse for Canadians, NAFTA regulation Article 605 effectively gave control over the Canadian energy resources to the US.  One of the immediate, long lasting results was that West Canada Select oil averaged $48.55 per barrel in August 2018 whereas West Texas Intermediate (equivalent) averaged $68.06 per barrel in August, 2018.  

The Canadian discount to world market price is a staggering 30%, rounded off.  This discount has been a historic reality.

I could add more fuel to the fire but any cogent, astute, thinking Canadian can see where this analysis is heading.

Canada is highly reliant on the US for our economic well-being – and our economic future, whether we like it or not.  In fact, the more the Canadian government obstructs the expansion of distribution networks to facilitate an expanded international market for our products and our resources, the worse the crisis is becoming. 

What the Canadian government, led by Trudeau and Freeland, proposed to the US in negotiations was ridiculous in the extreme. 

A series of ‘Core Objectives’ was published by Chrystia Freeland on August 14, 2017, most of which were ‘dead in the water’ to any astute, savvy analyst.

The governing Liberals wanted to incorporate new gender based standards into an international trade agreement. 

The governing Liberals wanted to incorporate new Environmental and Climate Change wording.

The self-same delusional Liberals wanted to add an ‘Indigenous Chapter’ into the revised NAFTA agreement.

The governing Liberals wanted to ensure the continuation of Supply Management policies.

There are almost ten more self-serving impossible demands that Trudeau and Freeland wanted to incorporate into a new international trade agreement with the US and Mexico.

It is obvious to any intelligent, practical observer that none of these fantasies would ever find their way into a new trade agreement – yet Trudeau’s government (with the complicit obtuse support of a fawning Canadian media) continued to press forward – with the anticipated disastrous consequences.

Trudeau and Freeland even threw more fuel on the fire by denigrating Trump, the success of the US economic transformation and totally misreading the effect of the actual election of Trump in 2016 (by a US electorate fed up with its own previous incompetent, globalist government championed by Obama).

While we will save the impact of changes in the new USMCA negotiated agreement for a future analysis, given that the US Congress must still provide its assent to the new agreement, the fact remains that Canadians should be grateful that the US did not punish the naive, globalist self-serving proselytizing Liberals with an even more one-sided punitive agreement.

Canada sent a team of incompetent ideologues to the negotiation table with the United States.  Mexico was astute enough to recognize the economic danger that loomed on the horizon if a favourable deal with the ever-strengthening US economy was not accomplished quickly – posthaste.  Resultantly, Mexico negotiated a bilateral deal with the US whereby its own national interests would be protected, Canada notwithstanding.

By comparison, an inept, short-sighted ‘post-national’ Trudeau sat on the sidelines, buoyed up by adoring sycophants, including the Canadian Main Stream Media, who collectively truly had, and have, no clue concerning the precarious position that Canada is currently in as a result of the gross negligence and mishandling of the engines of the Canadian economy.

The collective well-being and prosperity of Canada hangs in the balance and we are currently governed by a self-serving elite that neither knows, nor cares, about the damage that the governing Liberal Party is doing to our economic future.

Alarmingly, under the leadership of an equally naive and compromised Andrew Scheer, the political posturing of the Conservative Party of Canada may well have made a bad situation even worse.  A stubborn commitment to Supply Management, already a millstone around the necks of almost all Canadians, would have almost certainly blown up any last chance that the USMCA (formerly NAFTA) deal would ever consummate for the benefit of Canada – and Canadians.

In hindsight, Canadians should consider ourselves lucky that the damage done was not even worse.  Canada signed an 11th hour deal under extreme duress.  Canada, and Canadians, are fortunate that Trump’s negotiating team did not impose even more conditions that would have penalized Canada over time.

The Liberals under Trudeau, and the Conservative Party of Canada under Scheer, have proven themselves to be incapable of governing Canada in a fiscally responsible and accountable mannerThe NDP are so far removed from economic reality that the NDP does not even deserve a place in a discussion concerning fiscally responsible government.

While the CBC and the media sycophants are spinning this ineptly handled agreement of national importance as a ‘success’ for Trudeau and the Liberals, astute concerned Canadians of all backgrounds and financial circumstances are increasingly uneasy with the mounting evidence.

Canada is ‘out of step’ with current economic realities.  The governing Liberals are practicing divisive identity politics inside Canada – and were shot down in flames at the USMCA negotiations when they attempted to impose these unsupportable, unsustainable globalist values on other sovereign nations.

Instead of learning from the error of their ways, I fully anticipate that the Liberals, the CPC and the fawning Canadian leftist media will ramp up their rhetoric – pushing Canada even further into a socialist landscape which cannot help but thrust Canada into a possible economic collapse.

Where, on the horizon, should Canadians look for a ray of hope?

I suggest that you look no further than Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada.  Mr. Bernier was the ONLY Member of Parliament who had the courage and the conviction to bring the NAFTA issue to the table in the House of Commons with a reasoned, responsible and accountable solution – that would have served Canada well in the negotiations with the US.

All other Members of Parliament voted against the common sense solutions provided by Mr. Bernier that may well have improved Canada’s bargaining position – and thereby Canada’s economic well-being and future prospects for all Canadians.

Let that sink in while you contemplate your election options going forward into 2019.

Glen Walushka, ba, AICB

Moderator, rightdecision.ca