Do NOT Reward Incompetence

Incompetence is the inability to perform; lack of competence; ineptitude.

Aspects of incompetence include:

The above is a portion of a ‘textbook’ definition from Wikipedia, NOT a criticism of someone’s character – or even their intent, individually or collectively. Please keep that important distinction in mind as you read the entirety of this article.

Decisions must be made. Continuously. By all of us. Some are relatively easy and don’t take much thought. Choosing high probability outcomes over low probability outcomes. Advancing on a green light – not a red light. Wearing shoes while walking on broken glass.

Other decisions are not quite so easy – but all have consequences, and outcomes.

The current Liberal government under out self-proclaimed first ‘post-national’ Prime Minister is making a number of decisions ruinous to the social fabric of Canada, the economic well-being of Canada, adherence to the ‘Rule of Law’ in Canada and Trudeau has even blatantly ignored his oath of office by abrogating his responsibilities to Canadians by acquiescing to ‘Compacts’ and ‘Accords’ that allow unelected foreign individuals and entities, specifically the morally corrupt United Nations, to dictate Canadian policies and financial obligations.

The Liberals under Trudeau have made their decisions – on the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal, on the Paris Accord, on the Global Compact on Migration, on Supply Management.

The decisions have been made – and the consequences are becoming increasingly apparent as our economy grinds to a halt, bordering on recession. Liberal caucus members are being booted out for standing up for their principles and the Rule of Law. Canadians are already starting to feel the choking constriction on discretionary spending as a result of the Carbon Tax.

Canadians are fighting back against Immigration Policies being dictated by the United Nations, instead of being judiciously administered by our own ‘once sovereign’ government. Canadians continue to pay multi-millions of dollars to subsidize a few privileged agricultural sectors to the detriment of other agricultural sectors as well as the hapless consumer.

Even the compliant Main Stream Media in Canada has been ‘bought and paid for’ with the recent $595 Million bribe, courtesy of the Canadian taxpayers, ensuring the continuing irrational and highly favorably biased press coverage that the Liberals enjoy from a complicit media.

While there be consequences? Only the voter can decide in October (or sooner) as we get our all too infrequent opportunity to remove an ‘incompetent’ government from office.

Removing the Liberals from wielding otherwise unaccountable political power is the ‘power’ that the voter holds constitutionally – and must exercise with the best interests of the country and Canadians in mind.

Canadians will make a decision in 2019 – and not everyone will be happy with the outcome.

Even within new political movements and federal political parties, the matter of dealing with incompetence must be addressed – and dealt with in the best interests of the membership – and the principles of the party.

Recently, the People’s Party of Canada has been assaulted on social media and even in pockets of Main Stream Media by articles and comments suggesting that there is something amiss within the ranks of the PPC – and its leadership.

I am asserting, emphatically, that there is nothing newsworthy amiss within the ranks of the PPC nor in its leadership.

Instead, there was a necessary, and principled, decision to deal with our own identified internal incompetence displayed by certain individuals who, while perhaps well-intentioned, were not contributing positively in accordance with the high standards set by the People’s Party of Canada in the discharging of their responsibilities. In short, whatever the intent, the ultimate result was incompetent. Demonstrably and empirically, irrefutably incompetent.

Incompetence, at any level, and for any reason, cannot and should not be rewarded.

The People’s Party of Canada made a decision, a necessary decision, a principled decision, in February, 2019 – and not everyone will be happy with the outcome.

If the People’s Party of Canada wants to demonstrate to Canadian voters that it has the courage of its convictions and an unwavering belief in its principles, it cannot, and should not, tolerate incompetence within its own development process any more than the Canadian voter should support incompetence when assessing political alternatives heading into this critical 2019 federal election.