NAFTA Aftermath – Autopsy

Canada sent a part time drama teacher and a second string journalist to the NAFTA table to negotiate Canada’s short to medium term economic future with its largest trading partner.

The result was a deal that was inevitable and predictable – incredibly badly mishandled by a part time drama teacher and a second string journalist.  It was to be expected.

After months of Trump bashing, false bravado and a Santa Claus wishlist of conditions that were never going to be achievable in an adult, mature, pragmatic world, Trudeau and Freeland were sent home from Washington DC last week to moan, complain and commiserate with their sympathetic CBC and media (I don’t consider CBC legitimate media, BTW) sycophants.

With those two lightweight impediments safely out of the way, Trump, Robert Lighthizer and their team took the junior varsity Canadian contingent to school on negotiating and winning concessions.

To be fair, the US was going to gain ground on Canada – even if Canada would have sent reasonably competent negotiators.  Facts are facts.  Realities cannot be ignored.

Canada relies on the US for more than 20% of our economic output.

The US relies on Canada for less than 2% of its economic output.

Canada’s GDP growth rate as at July 2018 is 0.7%.

USA’s growth rate as at July 2018 is 4.2%. (6 times the Canadian rate)

Canada is increasing regulations and government interference in economic investment, both from Canadian and foreign sources.  Bill C-69 which allows the Environment Minister a veto is a prime example.

The US is systematically deregulating under Trump.  His promise that two (2) regulations will be eliminated for every new regulation implemented was incredibly conservative.  In fact, in 2017 twenty two (22) deregulatory actions were issued for every one (1) new regulation.

Canada’s exports of oil and petroleum products has almost flatlined since 2010 Petroleum exports were $94 Billion in 2010.  Petroleum exports were $97 Billion in 2017.

US exports of oil and petroleum products has more than doubled since 2010.

In 2015, the US was the 2nd ranked energy producer at 15%.  Canada was the 6th ranked energy producer at 3%.

The US accounted for 97% of Canadian energy exports in 2017NOT A TYPO.  97%.  The source for most of this information is Natural Resources Canada Government of Canada, easily confirmed on the Internet.

Even worse for Canadians, NAFTA regulation Article 605 effectively gave control over the Canadian energy resources to the US.  One of the immediate, long lasting results was that West Canada Select oil averaged $48.55 per barrel in August 2018 whereas West Texas Intermediate (equivalent) averaged $68.06 per barrel in August, 2018.  

The Canadian discount to world market price is a staggering 30%, rounded off.  This discount has been a historic reality.

I could add more fuel to the fire but any cogent, astute, thinking Canadian can see where this analysis is heading.

Canada is highly reliant on the US for our economic well-being – and our economic future, whether we like it or not.  In fact, the more the Canadian government obstructs the expansion of distribution networks to facilitate an expanded international market for our products and our resources, the worse the crisis is becoming. 

What the Canadian government, led by Trudeau and Freeland, proposed to the US in negotiations was ridiculous in the extreme. 

A series of ‘Core Objectives’ was published by Chrystia Freeland on August 14, 2017, most of which were ‘dead in the water’ to any astute, savvy analyst.

The governing Liberals wanted to incorporate new gender based standards into an international trade agreement. 

The governing Liberals wanted to incorporate new Environmental and Climate Change wording.

The self-same delusional Liberals wanted to add an ‘Indigenous Chapter’ into the revised NAFTA agreement.

The governing Liberals wanted to ensure the continuation of Supply Management policies.

There are almost ten more self-serving impossible demands that Trudeau and Freeland wanted to incorporate into a new international trade agreement with the US and Mexico.

It is obvious to any intelligent, practical observer that none of these fantasies would ever find their way into a new trade agreement – yet Trudeau’s government (with the complicit obtuse support of a fawning Canadian media) continued to press forward – with the anticipated disastrous consequences.

Trudeau and Freeland even threw more fuel on the fire by denigrating Trump, the success of the US economic transformation and totally misreading the effect of the actual election of Trump in 2016 (by a US electorate fed up with its own previous incompetent, globalist government championed by Obama).

While we will save the impact of changes in the new USMCA negotiated agreement for a future analysis, given that the US Congress must still provide its assent to the new agreement, the fact remains that Canadians should be grateful that the US did not punish the naive, globalist self-serving proselytizing Liberals with an even more one-sided punitive agreement.

Canada sent a team of incompetent ideologues to the negotiation table with the United States.  Mexico was astute enough to recognize the economic danger that loomed on the horizon if a favourable deal with the ever-strengthening US economy was not accomplished quickly – posthaste.  Resultantly, Mexico negotiated a bilateral deal with the US whereby its own national interests would be protected, Canada notwithstanding.

By comparison, an inept, short-sighted ‘post-national’ Trudeau sat on the sidelines, buoyed up by adoring sycophants, including the Canadian Main Stream Media, who collectively truly had, and have, no clue concerning the precarious position that Canada is currently in as a result of the gross negligence and mishandling of the engines of the Canadian economy.

The collective well-being and prosperity of Canada hangs in the balance and we are currently governed by a self-serving elite that neither knows, nor cares, about the damage that the governing Liberal Party is doing to our economic future.

Alarmingly, under the leadership of an equally naive and compromised Andrew Scheer, the political posturing of the Conservative Party of Canada may well have made a bad situation even worse.  A stubborn commitment to Supply Management, already a millstone around the necks of almost all Canadians, would have almost certainly blown up any last chance that the USMCA (formerly NAFTA) deal would ever consummate for the benefit of Canada – and Canadians.

In hindsight, Canadians should consider ourselves lucky that the damage done was not even worse.  Canada signed an 11th hour deal under extreme duress.  Canada, and Canadians, are fortunate that Trump’s negotiating team did not impose even more conditions that would have penalized Canada over time.

The Liberals under Trudeau, and the Conservative Party of Canada under Scheer, have proven themselves to be incapable of governing Canada in a fiscally responsible and accountable mannerThe NDP are so far removed from economic reality that the NDP does not even deserve a place in a discussion concerning fiscally responsible government.

While the CBC and the media sycophants are spinning this ineptly handled agreement of national importance as a ‘success’ for Trudeau and the Liberals, astute concerned Canadians of all backgrounds and financial circumstances are increasingly uneasy with the mounting evidence.

Canada is ‘out of step’ with current economic realities.  The governing Liberals are practicing divisive identity politics inside Canada – and were shot down in flames at the USMCA negotiations when they attempted to impose these unsupportable, unsustainable globalist values on other sovereign nations.

Instead of learning from the error of their ways, I fully anticipate that the Liberals, the CPC and the fawning Canadian leftist media will ramp up their rhetoric – pushing Canada even further into a socialist landscape which cannot help but thrust Canada into a possible economic collapse.

Where, on the horizon, should Canadians look for a ray of hope?

I suggest that you look no further than Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada.  Mr. Bernier was the ONLY Member of Parliament who had the courage and the conviction to bring the NAFTA issue to the table in the House of Commons with a reasoned, responsible and accountable solution – that would have served Canada well in the negotiations with the US.

All other Members of Parliament voted against the common sense solutions provided by Mr. Bernier that may well have improved Canada’s bargaining position – and thereby Canada’s economic well-being and future prospects for all Canadians.

Let that sink in while you contemplate your election options going forward into 2019.

Glen Walushka, ba, AICB


The Need for Clarity, or Why Political Correctness Has Got To Go

Offend someone today.  It’s your God-given right.

For the past quarter century or so, a nasty, pernicious, absurdly illogical phenomenon has been steadily creeping further and further into public discourse, to the point where it not only infects Academia (where at least it did not harm any sentient creatures) and the general media, but even our entertainment — novels, movies, music, you name it, it’s there.  It has caused the creation of a new sub-species of human being, the Professional Offence – taker, whose self-appointed duty is to spew forth manufactured outrage and to hound people out of society for saying innocuous things.  I speak, of course, of the phenomenon known as Political Correctness, or P.C. for short.  That it virtually rules in all of these areas is bad enough.  But worse still — far worse — is that it has infected our political dialogue as well, to the point where a meaningful discussion of almost any topic or policy is almost impossible to have.

Suggest that we should be vetting potential immigrants more carefully, to ensure terrorists and habitual criminals are refused entry?  Oh, that makes you a racist.  Or that people who practice “alternative lifestyles” could maybe just, you know, practice them in private, so that no one would care, and stop expecting everyone to “celebrate” it?  Well, that just makes you  a homo/trans/something – phobe!  Point out that not all religions are necessarily harmless, and that some do indeed teach some things that are, um, quite different from most of the others?  Why, you bigot, you!

Joking aside, this is where we find ourselves today :  An environment in which we cannot even talk about these (and other, even more important) subjects, because someone out there will seize on a comment (usually one that expresses plain, boldfaced truth) and use it as a cudgel to beat the unfortunate speaker senseless.   How we got here is not important, nor is the fact that the vast majority of people find P.C. laughable, for the most part.  Because it still hinders our political process, and that is hindering true progress in Canada.

For to craft, and promote, good, well-conceived public policy, policy that benefits the average Canadian rather than a few noisy special interest groups, we need one thing above all :  CLARITY.  Clarity, to allow us to first identify problems as clearly as possible, without having them buried in faux-polite euphemisms ;  clarity, that we may then hold serious discussions, with all sides putting forth their proposals and ideas (for how else do we ever arrive at the truth about anything, other than by open and informed debate?) ;  and clarity of purpose and action, to allow duly elected governments to enact the policies that will solve or at least mitigate some of the problems facing Canadians today.

But clarity becomes virtually impossible where the smelly, ruthless basilisk of P.C. is present.  For its only purposes are to cloud the truth, to render all language obscure and meaningless, and to bully sensible people into silence so that the Offence-takers and self-styled “Progressives” can own the Public Square, and get their little agendas pushed through.  P.C. has come a long way, it’s true, and has become an unfortunate fact of life for many of us, in nearly all walks of life.  But WE CAN FIGHT BACK.  Indeed, we must fight back.  We must retake the Public Square, so that common sense and the wisdom of real-world experience can once again rule the day (and the night too).

We do not need to be rude to accomplish this, nor do we need to start tossing around old racial or ethnic or chauvinist epithets.  That might get a few laughs, but it would play into their hands.  So, what to do then?  Try this :  the next time some P.C. clone  “calls you out”  for speaking honestly about something, or pretends to take offence at some harmless joke or quip. . . politely ignore them.  Or laugh at their pre-programmed P.C. response (good-naturedly, of course).   Point out to them that the very term Politically Correct indicates that the holder of such a position is being factually incorrect, on purpose, which means he or she is basically a willful liar.   And they are lying to themselves most of all.

Let us laugh Political Correctness out of the Public Square, and eventually out of existence.  Then we can get on with making this country, and the world, a better, freer, happier place.  We can do it, friends!

What We Want from the PPC

A new political party at the federal level does not ‘just happen’.  

There must be discernible, identifiable and tangible reasons why thousands of concerned, politically active citizens choose to reject established institutions.

In the words of my very astute (in so many ways) partner, ‘We did not leave the Conservative Party of Canada.  The Conservative Party of Canada left us”.

Membership in a political party, perhaps support for any movement, should require a personal ‘buy in’, a belief that there is congruence between the goals and objectives of the organization – and the goals and objectives of the individual.  Why would I support a political party that doesn’t represent the values, principles and beliefs that I personally consider important?  Most importantly, why would I be willing to ‘go to war’ for any entity which I do not believe is fighting the same battles, for the same reasons, to achieve the same outcomes?

That, I believe, is the essence of the considerable and indisputable support for Maxime Bernier – and the People’s Party of Canada, a political alternative that is still in its transformative evolution.

In no particular order of importance, here are some of the issues for which I am personally willing to ‘go to war’ alongside our battle commander Maxime Bernier:

Let advertisers and/or subscriptions pay for CBC propaganda (and the salaries of the taxpayer subsidized propagandists who spin the propaganda for the Liberals).  Taxpayer support for CBC must end.

Create a ‘merit based’, controlled/vetted immigration system whereby immigrants demonstrate that they actually want to be ‘Canadians’ and contribute positively and productively to Canadian society – and the Canadian economy.

Stop the unjustified/unsupportable practice of misusing Canadian taxpayer dollars to fund political initiatives/special interest groups in other countries i.e. How can anyone justify Canada contributing $20 Million to the Clinton Foundation in 2017?

End Supply Management.  There is no credible economic model that supports, circumstance that warrants, or benefit to Canadian consumers that derives from the unsustainable, unsupportable government intervention in three (3) special interest groups, dairy, poultry and egg producers.  If NAFTA negotiations fail primarily because of the mainstream political support for the dairy, poultry and egg lobbies, Canadians will be penalized by the loss of readily accessible markets to our largest trading partner.

Re-establish the sovereignty of the Legislative branch of government that has been usurped by the Judicial branch of government.  No political party has the courage to invoke the ‘notwithstanding clause’ and assert the democratically vested right, as established by the votes of Canadian citizens, whenever legislation is struck down by a an unacceptably politically active Judiciary.

Assert the Constitutional authority of the Federal Government when, and as, required.  i.e. Pipeline approval and the distribution of Canada’s natural resources is a federal responsibility.  Any challenges by provinces or a politically active judiciary should be immediately turned aside – in the national interest.  

Assert the universality of Canadian law, rights, responsibilities and jurisprudence.  There should not be different legal interpretations, divergent requirements, even differing sentencing for criminals. i.e. Immigrants being ‘excused’ for not knowing or adhering to the Canadian Criminal Code.  Abhorrently and inexplicably, the confessed first degree murderer of an innocent 8 year old child in 2009 is sent to an ‘Aboriginal Healing Lodge’ instead of remaining in prison to serve out the rest of her sentence. London Free Press September 28, 2018

Cease the interference by the Federal Government in the free market and adopt a strict laissez faire economic policy.  Bombardier has received almost $5 Billion in federal and Quebec government support (Globe and Mail, March 22, 2018) and Toyota Canada received $110 Million in 2018 to assist with the expansion of Toyota in Canada, as examples.  These unfair, special interest subsidies into specific government handpicked industries and companies is not in the best interests of all Canadians.  

Eliminate the National Carbon Tax.  This is an arbitrary tax that will cost Canadians billions of dollars without any likely environmental benefit – except for those on the government gravy train.

Be honest and forthright with Canadians concerning actual events on the ground in Canada.  The recent terrorist Danforth shooting (acknowledged by ISIS as its premier terrorist incident worldwide thus far in 2018) is an example of how the current Liberal government lies, obfuscates and suppresses information that Canadians deserve to know.  The government is accountable to the voters – not the reverse.

Provide a fair and equitable framework for all Canadians concerning Aboriginal rights, vetos and governance.  No one special interest group can have dominance over all of Canada because of a historical claim that has long since lost its validity.  Canada has paid compensation and restitution for more than a century.  It is now time for aboriginal groups to become productive, equal citizens in the Canadian federation –  for better or worse.

Eliminate the federal control over Health Care funding that is constitutionally the responsibility of the provinces.  Let the provinces decide on their own Health Care models and practices. Do not legislate against private options for Canada.   

Renegotiate the Federal Equalization Payments model so that some Canadian provinces do no pay unfairly for political and social decisions made in other provinces.  Without a level playing field, the future of the Canadian federation is at serious jeopardy.

Create a fair, sustainable taxation system that is simple and universally based, similar to that which has recently been introduced in the US.  Basic individual tax rates should be reduced and personal exemptions increased. I am hesitant to apply hard numbers at this time recognizing that any reduction in income must be offset by reductions in expenditures – and I don’t know how long it is going to take to right the ship.

Reduce corporate taxes to a flat 10%.  If Canada does not create a favourable economic, sustainable and absolute environment for business investment, the current drain of Canadian and foreign investment will continue – leading possibly to an impending recession.  Canada is the tail trying to wag the dog.  The US has created a strong, sustainable economic investment climate and Canada will languish and fall hopelessly behind if we do not accept current economic realities.

Reduce the size of government.  Enough said. 

Deregulate.  Again, enough said.  

Balance the budget.  Once again, enough said. 

Straight talk.  Enough of political correctness.  Call it like it is. 

Read Max Bernier’s vision for The People’s Party of Canada on his own website and referenced on The People’s Party of Canada website.  Many, if not all, of the above policy ideas are identified and discussed.

There are a large, and growing, number of Canadians who are looking for, demanding, significant changes in the Canadian federal government actions and policies.  The People’s Party of Canada is the vehicle for the necessary changes.

Please turn this article into a ‘Hobo’s Stew’ by contributing your own thoughts and ideas.  We will bring them forward at a constituency, province and national level, as appropriate when The People’s Party of Canada convenes its initial policy convention.

Glen Walushka, ba, AICB


PPC Myths, Misses & Missives

The Peoples Party of Canada (PPC) has been born from an official announcement from Maxime Bernier.  In less than one week, a host of events, comments, speculations, interviews, misapprehensions (I would have added that to the title – but it would have been too long, self-indulgent and nothing but proof that I am decent with puns and word associations), and misrepresentations have spawned from the PPC’s birth. 


Because the formation of the People’s Party of Canada represents an existential threat to the status quo, particularly the closed country club entitlement of the existing political parties and their disciples.  This is not conjecture on my part.  This is factually based – extrapolated and confirmed from personal experience, from shared media interaction and from the very strong, mostly negative, reaction from those who currently enjoy the fruits of their political labours.

Throughout Canada, dozens of meetings spontaneously took place shortly thereafter, without any central direction or guidance from Maxime Bernier or a centralized PPC administration.

We hosted one such information meeting ourself.  Almost 30 concerned individuals showed up, with little advance notice and without any enticement, ie no free hors d’oeuvres, no free drinks and no free lunch.  What was most striking, and gratifying, was the passion and the resolve exhibited by virtually all in attendance .

Almost unanimously, the attendees spoke of the disconnect between elected MP’s and their constituents, the dishonest pattern of promises to entice voters (with the voters’s own tax dollars) and the subsequent obfuscations, excuses and outright lies that follow, in far too many instances.

Almost as one voice, the participants expressed their growing disillusionment and cynicism, resulting from the blatant disregard for the fiduciary duties of elected officials as those MP’s, MLA’s and civic councillors ignore correspondence, accountability and adherance to the principle of responsibility to the voters who elect them.

With unanimity, attendees spoke of the difficulty in being given a forum for discussion, debate, dialogue and to introduce new, sometimes evolutionary or revolutionary, ideas.

Many spoke with genuine concern regarding the overall direction that the current Liberal government (with tacit support from the Conservative Party of Canada) is taking Canada.  We are, lemming like, heading disastrously toward an economic, social and political precipice due to divisive, ideology driven and unsupportable political policies and decisions.  NAFTA, immigration, supply management, international relations, separation of legislative/judicial powers, the very probable repeat of the disastrous consequences of the National Energy Program (if the Canadian Senate does not reject Bill C69), the decline in foreign investment, the ridiculous reliance on foreign ‘dirty’ oil in preference to distribution/refinement of native Canadian natural resources, and yes, the matter of Aboriginal Rights and unwarranted veto powers were all discussed.

To summarize, the individuals who attended our inaugural meeting came from all voting age demographics, from different social, economic and career backgrounds – and were there for virtually one reason.

To join forces with others who are concerned with some, if not many, of the same issues and others who see that the existing political parties have collectively failed us.


The People’s Party of Canada is a product of Maxime Bernier’s personal ego as a result of his narrow defeat for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

In fact, the People’s Party of Canada is a product of Maxime Bernier’s resolve to provide a supportable political party alternative for voters who share some, if not most, of the same principles and values consistent with the small government, laissez faire economic, small ‘c’ conservative, free market driven policies supported by Maxime Bernier.

The People’s Party of Canada sounds like a ‘Communist’ or ‘Socialist’ name.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The People’s Party of Canada was named in recognition that the ‘power’ and success of the PPC will come from ordinary members and supporters, not a ruling elite.  Ideologically, Maxime Bernier is currently exploring merger options with the Libertarian Party of Canada which could not be any further removed from the socialist left.

The People’s Party of Canada will split the vote on the Right.

Without a doubt, the introduction of any new political party has the potential of splitting the vote as more options are available to the electorate.  However, it is more likely that the vote splitting between disenchanted Liberals and left leaning CPC members will be more significant than  vote splitting between CPC and PPC potential voters. If the PPC is seen as the only genuine ‘right of center’, free market political party, most real conservatives should cast their vote in favour of the PPC.  The best possible outcome in 2019 might be a minority government requiring the CPC and the People’s Party of Canada to agree on matters and to introduce legislation of import to correct most, if not all, of the poor decisions and legislation that has been foisted on Canadians by a globalist Liberal majority.

The People’s Party of Canada is a ‘vanity’ project for Maxime Bernier and he will be no different than a third world dictator.

Maxime Bernier is a genuine, principled politician whose views on most issues and policies have not changed substantially in more than a decade. Mr. Bernier is insisting that the members of The People’s Party of Canada commit to many of the same values and principles – as he should.  We have seen how the dilution of the values of existing political parties has compromised the ability of those parties to adhere to founding principles and hence, the ability of those parties to demonstrate to voters that they are trustworthy and likely to govern in accordance with their public rhetoric.


This is not the right time for the creation of a new ‘right of center’ political party as it is too close to the 2019 federal election.

There is no ‘right time’ for the creation of a new small ‘c’ conservative free market political party – except when it is necessitated by circumstance.  If the Conservative Party of Canada had remained true to the principles and values that allowed the merger of the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservative Party a generation ago, there would be less need of the People’s Party of Canada to exist.  Transparency and accountability to members was also a factor in the creation of the People’s Party of Canada since I know, first hand, that the CPC was unwilling or too arrogant to even answer correspondence from members, at both the local and the national level, in far too many cases. 

If a political party wants my money (and I am still being hit up for donations and contributions to the CPC in spite of the fact that I resigned a month ago) then that party has an obligation to listen to what I have to say, to consider my thoughts and to respond.  Too many entitled politicians have forgotten that their first responsibility is to their constituents.  

How do you govern on behalf of ‘the people’ when you don’t even ask ‘the people’ what is important or what is supported by us on a broad basis?

The People’s Party of Canada currently has a comparatively small bank account balance and is currently unable to issue tax eligible receipts.

This is an unfortunate fact of being a fledgling political party.  I know, with reasonable certainty, however, that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been already contributed by founding members – in spite of the fact that no tax receipts are available.  Far more funding will be forthcoming as The People’s Party of Canada progresses and ultimately contests its first byelection with an accredited candidate.  At that time, and upon final submission of the remainder of Elections Canada required documents, the People’s Party of Canada will be able to issue official tax receipts.

Further, since there is not a significant established fixed or variable cost burden for The People’s Party of Canada (since there is minimal infrastructure and/or paid human resources), The People’s Party of Canada can operate far more efficiently than most political entities.

The Main Stream Media (generally) are currently cynical detractors of The People’s Party of Canada.

This is a political fact of life if you are a political party on the right side of the political spectrum in Canada.  To combat the general negative coverage that is anticipated, Maxime Bernier has rightly assessed the extensive power and communicative capability of social media.

The People’s Party of Canada is currently exploring and utilizing a variety of inexpensive, but effective, social media platforms to significant benefit – and at an affordable overall cost.  

What is much appreciated from the majority of founding members with whom I have had discussions is that the ability of Maxime Bernier to challenge the Main Stream Media, to control the conversation and to not acquiesce to their partisan, biased agenda and talking points.  Maxime Bernier is a welcome breath of fresh air because of his candor, his honesty and his integrity – even when under assault from virtually all sides.

Mr. Bernier is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom nor is he reluctant to engage with individuals who wish to denigrate him and The People’s Party of Canada.  Mr. Bernier is also a strong communicator with a depth of knowledge and acumen that allows him to speak confidently, intelligently and with conviction on most issues of import.

The People’s Party of Canada does not have any sitting Members of Parliament and Mr. Bernier does not have other People’s Party of Canada support in the House of Commons at present.

This is strictly a function of time and of process.  There are undoubtedly current Members of Parliament who have supported Mr. Bernier in the past during his 2017 leadership campaign and who will again support him by joining The People’s Party of Canada.  This cannot take place until The People’s Party of Canada is officially registered and fully functioning in accordance with the requirements of Elections Canada.

Additionally, the interest expressed by members of the Libertarian Party of Canada to consider a merger with The People’s Party of Canada will cement a relationship between and amongst individuals who are committed to the values of small government, protection of basic personal freedoms, free market laissez faire ‘hands off’ economic policies and a bias for ‘equality’ for all Canadians instead of divisive ‘special interest group’ driven policies.

To be succinct.  ‘Time Will Solve’.


Thankfully, very few.  The People’s Party of Canada is unburdened by dogma, by doctrine and by inertia.  The status quo is virtually non-existent for The People’s Party of Canada – and that is terrifying to some and exciting to others.

Those who join the PPC will embrace the opportunity to set policy, to challenge conventional wisdom, to denounce bad government, bad ideas, bad legislation and even bad press coverage.

The missive I am looking forward to reading is the postponed publishing of ‘Doing Politics Differently: My Vision for Canada’ which was withdrawn indefinitely by Mr. Bernier after a backlash from the Conservative Party of Canada caucus, specifically Andrew Scheer and his supporters.  

Wikipedia lists three (3) other publications by Maxime Bernier, one exclusively in French (to the best of my knowledge) and two in English.

Mr. Bernier is also currently writing a book about his colourful political career and he has served as Economic Vice-President of the Montreal Economic Institute where his book on tax reform was produced.

Whatever missives are generated by The People’s Party of Canada will hopefully be concise, cogent and contemporary.

Of critical importance to me (and I am sure to Mr. Bernier) is to create a Constitution and Bylaws that ensures the integrity of The People’s Party of Canada.  I have seen other political entities virtually ‘hijacked’ because of ineffective, unenforceable and/or punitive clauses in their bylaws and others that have only paid ‘lip service’ to the enshrined fundamental values and principles contained within Constitutional documents.

The integrity of a political party is no better than the integrity of the individuals who belong to that party – and their collective and individual commitment to honoring and adhering to the principles and values of that political entity.

Far too many political parties have strayed irreversibly from their original mandate and intent.  That is one of the main reasons why our neighbours south of the Forty-Ninth Parallel are currently so divided on the importance of electing a Supreme Court Justice who will either be an ‘Originalist’ or a ‘Revisionist’ based on his or her observance of the sanctity of the United States Constitution that is probably still the highest standard of national conduct that exists in the Free World.

We cannot, we will not, allow self-serving corruption or deviance to diminish the high standards expected from The People’s Party of Canada.

I know that Maxime’s Bernier’s personal conviction and integrity will ensure that he brings forward a constitution and bylaw document that will remain true to his high standards of ethics. Maxime Bernier’s vision for a free, accountable and just Canada – for the benefit of, and inclusively for, all Canadians, our shared prosperity and our commitment to a strong, viable future is a vision for Canada that we should all support and embrace.  

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight”  Sun Tzu

The time is now to join the fight for Canada’s future.

Glen Walushka, ba, AICB


Founding Member, The People’s Party of Canada

BC – Pseudo Conservatism

As British Columbians, we are faced with an odd watered down version of right wing politics. Since 2001, support for the BC Liberal Party has been promoted as the best choice to ensure that the NDP does not win a majority in the province. Hence the BC Liberal Party recruits Liberal and Conservative candidates to run under the BC Liberal banner. This suggests that hopeful Conservative politicians have a better opportunity to achieve success if one runs under the BC Liberal banner but making that commitment means that one must sacrifice basic Conservative principles in order to fit into the Liberal dogma. These candidates become pseudo Liberal/Conservatives. No matter how one looks at it, Conservatism becomes diluted and at best the candidates are politically Red Tories.

These BC Red Tories are often also members of the Conservative Party of Canada. Hence they are Liberal provincially and Conservative federally. This has been a common practice for too long and residents of the province have come to accept the practice as “normal”. Red Tories abound in British Columbia.

To make matters worse, the Red Tories often hold board positions for both provincial and federal parties simultaneously. Many are active volunteers for the CPC for Federal elections, they sit on the Boards for the EDAs while simultaneously holding Board positions for the BC Liberal Riding Associations and they actively campaign for the BC Liberals during provincial elections. It is not unusual for political hopefuls to run for a BC Liberal MLA candidacy as well as a Federal CPC MP candidacy. So one must ask, “Are you a Liberal or a Conservative?My experience has been that they are really ‘watered down’ versions of Conservatives or just opportunists.

The conflicted individuals are invariably politically active. The implications of their polygamist relationship with the two parties culminated in the 2014 election. While these pseudo Liberals/Conservatives were working with the BC Liberal Party to fund the provincial political agenda, Christie Clark (then Premier) successfully lobbied the Alberta Oil industry for additional funds for the pending BC provincial election. However, with the Federal Election looming, the BC Liberals elected to move some of the their campaign funds into Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. Not only did the Alberta Oil Companies indirectly fund the Federal Liberals but our pseudo Liberals/Conservatives actively raised money that was used to defeat Steven Harper and the CPC. Only in BC.

In the meantime, true Conservatives in British Columbia tolerate the Red Tory dogma; many have tried to generate a Conservative movement that best represents our philosophical belief. To date these initiatives have been unsuccessful. The BC Conservative Party (BCCP) has never received support nor endorsement from the CPC. We true Conservatives are cut adrift in a sea of Red Tory mediocrity. We have been hopeful that the CPC would bring some common sense to our predicament but the Red Tory concept is now infecting the CPC under the Leadership of Andrew Scheer.

Enter Maxime Bernier, a true Conservative, a man who “shoots from the hip” and offers honest Conservative dialogue.

To quote Mr. Bernier:
For too long, Canadian politics has been hijacked by interest groups, cartels, lobbies, international groups, corporate or union interests of politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa who are disconnected from ordinary citizens,”.
“We don’t believe that government intervention is a solution for everything. Government should not intervene to solve each and every problem on the road to a utopian and unrealistic vision of society. “

Janet Green, A Founding Member, People’s Party of Canada

The Power of Vox Populi

The People’s Party of CanadaParti Populaire du

Within hours, the phenomenon that is the People’s Party of Canada became  a viable, credible, ELECTABLE alternative for Canadian voters in the upcoming 2019 Canadian federal election.  Within literally minutes of the formal announcement by Maxime Bernier, visionary founder, the Twitter universe exploded with tweets from all regions within Canada, committing to membership in the fledgling political party.

Not surprisingly, the expressions of support were accompanied by a formidable number of financial contributions that will almost certainly move the needle from the announced $140,000 in the bank at inception to a potential multiple millions of dollars by the end of the very first weekend.  (A goodly number of those contributions will certainly come from former Conservative Party of Canada members who are moving their support, in significant numbers, to the People’s Party of Canada).

Proof?  I was sitting in front of the fireplace and watching the tremendous interest being expressed through continuous chimes on my iPad announcing that another member had joined – and that another financial contribution had been provided in accompaniment.  My own credit card took a very worthy and necessary hit this morning – as did my partner’s.

Why necessary?  

Because the creation of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) provides the ‘People’s Voice’, Vox Populi, that has been a vacuum in Canadian politics (and elsewhere) for a significant number of years.

The established political parties will rail against, minimize, denigrate and otherwise attempt to smear the formation of, and the intentions of, the People’s Party of Canada and its founder.  The problem is that those efforts will fail – just as the efforts to prevent the very creation of the PPC itself, failed.

The Reason?

Unlike the sycophants of the Liberal Party of Canada, the NDP and other left leaning political parties who succeed because of the ‘hive mentality’ of their membership base, the new and future members of the People’s Party of Canada have a pent up appetite to actually be able to engage, personally interact, with the Canadian political system.  The tired, predictable establishment parties pay lip service to the accountability to members – but fall woefully short in actually adhering to that fundamental principle of democracy.

The leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada proved to its own members that it was no different – and no better.  There is credible, irrefutable evidence that Andrew Scheer and the CPC leadership deliberately kept certain agenda items ‘off the table’ at the recent Halifax Policy Convention. 

As a delegate expressed personally to me after that convention, he spent thousands of dollars of his own money to travel coast to coast in Canada to have a voice in the decision making process.  Instead he, along with all other attending CPC members, were spoon fed the issues that would be ‘allowed’ to be discussed and with the amazing (and equally alarming) caveat that Andrew Scheer and the CPC National Committee would not be bound by any decisions that were supported by a majority of the attending member representatives.

Is it any surprise that Maxime Bernier announced his resignation from the Conservative Party of Canada at the very outset of the Halifax convention – or that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of CPC members tendered their resignation shortly thereafter (including me)?

The facts are self-evident.  Democracy and the underlying principles of democracy have been pushed aside in most existing political parties as those parties have become vehicles for special interest groups -whether those groups be corporate, societal, racial, global or otherwise.  In the minds and actions of almost all existing political parties, members (and in fact Canadians) are not equal – and are not treated equally.

The notion of ‘political correctness’ has allowed incredible, unacceptable abuses of the political system and Canadian voters have been acquiescent enablers, by default.  No one has previously had the courage and the conviction to stand up to the misinformation and ‘Fake News’ provided by a complicit, partisan Main Stream Media.

No current political leader has the courage and the conviction to speak out concerning the inequities being introduced into the Canadian milieu.  We have a current Prime Minister who, in fact, deliberately introduces divisive politics into his daily discussion with full malice aforethought.  In the fallacious name of ‘diversity’, he creates cabinets not populated by the best qualified, but through a meticulous, albeit ridiculous, process of ensuring gender, ethnicity, cultural and ‘who knows what else’ diversity.  The result?  Proven, ongoing missteps, blunders, idiotic decisions and policies that have pushed Canada to the edge of an economic and societal cliff – with a very long, protracted fall to the bottom.

Canada has an official ‘Leader of the Opposition’ that doesn’t even know the requirements of his own job – or his necessary and vital role in the Canadian parliamentary process by holding the sitting government to account.  In his insecure desire to be a ‘people pleaser’ and accommodate all points of view, Mr. Scheer has fallen into the age old trap.  If you pretend to be all things to all people, you ultimately become virtually nothing to anyone.  Your job, Mr. Scheer, is to hold the government to account – not to agree with them when that government is making horrific, unsupportable decisions and failing badly on certain fronts, including NAFTA, the Energy Sector, Immigration and a host of others.

In their lemminglike pursuit of power, virtually all current federal political party leaders are rushing their parties, Canadians and the Canadian identity itself closer to the cliff.  Voters, most voters, are not stupid and we will not allow such destructive behaviour to continue – not if there is a viable alternative.

Enter Maxime Bernier, the man who should have become the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, were it not for a convoluted, still disputed and somewhat irregular voting procedure at the last CPC leadership convention.

In hindsight, the fact that Mr. Bernier was denied that leadership role within the CPC may be, in fact, the best thing that could have happened to Canada – and for Canadian voters. 

There is a tremendous amount of inertia that must be overcome within an existing political party in order to make meaningful changes.  There is too much political baggage and there are too many established special interest groups that have seized control over various aspects of the status quo.

It is, in fact, better to sometimes start afresh.

Maxime Bernier today has formally introduced the People’s Party of Canada to the electorate in Canada.  This new party has full intentions of becoming a viable, electable political force in time to make a tremendous difference prior to the upcoming 2019 federal election in Canada.

The groundswell of energy and support for this new movement is palpable and growing.  

Mr. Bernier is the perfect leader for this initiative as his own personal values and principles have remained unwavering throughout a significant period of time.  Mr. Bernier has shown that he has the courage to challenge conventional wisdom (when he can prove it wrong), the conviction to follow his principles and debate them in the public forum – and to challenge the indoctrinated partisan Main Stream Media who are destined to become as big an enemy to the People’s Party of Canada as are the insecure leaders of the Liberals, the NDP and the Conservative Party of Canada.

I believe Mr. Bernier will have the personal integrity, the courage, the conviction and the resolve to publicly state that ‘What is politically correct is, in fact, what is best for ALL Canadians, on balance‘.  

The individuals I have already talked to, and corresponded with, that have either joined or expressed interest in the People’s Party of Canada, are energized, committed and resolved – to a degree I have not seen previously roaming the Canadian political landscape. To an individual, these proud Canadians believe that we collectively have found a new home – and a new voice.

Without any central direction or input, I am aware of multiple ‘grass roots’ initiatives that have already been planned and implemented.  Through the utilization of social media, including Facebook (treat with extreme caution and use at your own risk), Twitter, Instagram and other vehicles, the message can be shared quickly and without a prejudicial filter.

For those who want a quick primer on how to engage safely and efficiently using social media, I have written a guide entitled 21st Century Media Boot Camp‘ that will give you some ideas and strategies concerning how to proceed with getting the message out quickly and at minimal expense.  Send an email to for a copy that will be dispatched to you in PDF form for your immediate download.

A movement was created today that has incredible impetus – with an unquestionable opportunity to make a genuine, positive difference to how Canadians, and Canada itself, proceeds as we navigate hostile, uncharted waters fraught with dangers that are becoming ever more apparent.

People’s Party of Canada is the most positive development I have seen in a number of years and gives me hope that there is, indeed, still a chance to make a difference.

Help make that difference by going to the website.  Listen to YouTube interviews with Maxime Bernier.  Read the proposed policy points and reach out to fellow concerned Canadians to help make this new political movement a vital, viable and electable alternative for Canadians in time for the 2019 federal election – and thereafter.

Glen Walushka, ba, AICB


New Party-Not a New Vision

By the time many of you read this, a new federal political party in Canada will have been announced to the public.  Some unhappy neo-conservatives and quasi-conservatives will bemoan the possible vote splitting that this new laissez-faire, free market, small government principled party may cause with voters unhappy with the utter failure of the Trudeau Liberals.

The fact is that the creation of this new political entity was a necessary, if unfortunate, result of a series of linked events that have taken place up to, and including, the last few years of the Stephen Harper era.

Conservatives, those people who believe in basic personal freedoms instead of government controlled social and economic policies, need a voice in government.  Over the course of Canadian history since Confederation, the Conservative Party of Canada (the latest iteration) has generally been the preferred conduit for the conservative voter.

Periodically, however, there is an infiltration into the Conservative Party wherein the ‘left leaning’, socialist elements of the party overrun the elemental conservative members.  This is not a new occurrence – nor is it unique to the Canadian political right.

In the United States there is a common expression.  To paraphrase.

‘There are Republicans who are really Democrats.  There are NOT Democrats who are really Republicans’.

In Canada, there are Conservatives who are really Liberals.  Far too many at this current nexus.

The consequence, in all cases, is that the basic principles of conservatism are ‘sacrificed at the alter of perceived public opinion’ in the hopes that the Conservative Party can gain power and form government bolstered by voters who are ‘middle of the road’ in their political persuasion.

The misplaced notion that ‘swing votes’ are more important than the ‘committed votes’ has caused the Conservative Party to abandon intrinsic fundamental principles on various occasions historically.  Possibly, in fact probably, new members and voters are attracted to the ‘left-leaning’ wobble of the party.  The new members (actual Liberals in many cases) gradually displace the conservative core of the party at the riding level as well as the National Committee level – and the Conservative Party starts to closely resemble the Liberal Party.  The Conservative Party inevitably fractures.

True conservatives need a genuine conservative home.  Unlike the Liberals, many genuine conservatives WILL NOT become Liberals as the Conservative Party moves closer to Version 2.0 of the Liberal Party.  Instead, such ethical conservatives will ultimately determine that principle is more important than expediency and look for an alternative that meets their strict standards concerning the commitment to conservative values.

Is there evidence to back up this assertion?  Of course.  Unlike the Liberal Party, the NDP and (periodically the Conservative Party), most true conservatives deal in analytical, factual data instead of impassioned hype that may, or may not, be evidentiary based.

In my own riding in the Okanagan Valley in BC, there are numerous examples that back up this central hypothesis.  My own Member of Parliament actually contested a provincial nomination before he ran for nomination as a federal candidate.  Not unusual, you may respond.  Perhaps not – if he ran as a Conservative.  However, Mr. Arnold ran as a candidate for the BC Liberal Party – and lost the nomination.  Only after that loss, did Mr. Arnold offer up his services as a Conservative candidate.  So how Conservative is Mr. Arnold, really?

Similarly, the President of the North Okanagan Shuswap Conservative Association is currently simultaneously the Vice-President of the provincial BC Liberal Party in that same geographic riding.

Clearly, liberal and conservative values appear somewhat interchangeable with such individuals and the true strength of conservative principles within the Conservative Party of Canada is diluted at best, and displaced, at its worst. 

If this (for lack of a better term) unprincipled type of member or Member of Parliament has input into national policy discussions, the tendency, if repeated in multiple electoral jurisdictions, is to move the Conservative Party of Canada to the left.

Now, we get to the heart of the matter.  There are principled conservatives who believe that conservative principles are more important than party affiliation.

Mr. Maxime Bernier is currently the most visible, and most ethical, of that breed of principled conservatives.

Mr. Bernier was duly elected by his constituents in Beauce, Quebec – as a Conservative.  Both a capital ‘C’ and small ‘c’ conservative.  Mr. Bernier is a man of principle.  The proof?

Mr. Bernier worked within caucus to the best of his ability and continued to bring forward the conservative principles that he personally embraced and the values that he felt represented fairly and honestly the wishes of the majority of the electorate in Beauce.

Because the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Mr. Andrew Scheer and his advisors, including apparently most caucus members, chose to lead the CPC in an entirely different direction unacceptable to Mr. Bernier and his constituents, Mr. Bernier did the honorable ‘last resort’ thing and tendered his resignation as a member of the CPC caucus.  


That was, in fact, the ethical and the responsible response considering the direction that the current iteration of the Conservative Party of Canada is heading.

Supply Management.  There is no economically analytical, demonstrable reason to create a special interest group for certain classes of farmers, including dairy, poultry and egg producers.  The taxpayer supported artificial market for these producers is not universally shared by other farmers or indeed other industries – and the concept of supply management is not a ‘free market’, laissez-faire principle. 

Not only does Mr. Scheer proudly and openly profess his support for supply management, he reportedly entered into a complicit agreement with the Dairy Farmers of Canada lobby (as evidenced by verified documention) to ensure that the matter of Supply Management did not even make it on the agenda as a discussion item at the recent Halifax Policy Convention.

NAFTA.  The public support that Mr. Scheer and the CPC has thrown to the Liberal Party of Canada regarding ‘sacred cows’ including Supply Management is further evidence that there is virtually nothing discernible between Liberal economic strategy and Conservative Party of Canada strategy.  Not only is Canada suffering from a tremendous decrease in foreign investment and overall investor confidence, a NAFTA failure is estimated to impact up to 20% of the overall Canadian economy.  Notwithstanding, Mr. Scheer and his caucus are publicly supporting the Trudeau-Freeland led NAFTA negotiators in their efforts to seriously compromise a precarious successful outcome that will benefit Canada in these sensitive negotiations.

There are numerous other examples that can be cited but the direction is clear.  The current direction of the Conservative Party of Canada led by Mr. Andrew Scheer is leaning further left – and is becoming almost indistinguishable in some respects from the governing Liberal Party of Canada.  That self-same Liberal Party that is making horrific regulatory, economic and social decisions that will negatively, and immediately, have severe consequences for many, if not most, Canadians.

Enter Mr. Maxime Bernier and his new political party.

Mr. Bernier has provided a new opportunity for genuine conservatives who value basic personal freedoms (with personal responsibility), free trade, laissez faire economics, reducing unnecessary government bureaucracy/bloat and a tendency to look at alternatives from a libertarian perspective rather than a socialist point of view.  That is to say, the individual takes responsibility for decisions and has the freedom to make those decisions rather than those decisions being a privilege – only at the discretion of the State.

An example of why I believe Mr. Bernier is indeed a man of principle?

Mr. Bernier today refers prospective members and the voting public to watch a panel discussion on The Agenda with Steve Paikin from eight years ago.  Mr. Bernier demonstrates that his principles and positions on key issues have not changed in that entire period of time.

Similarly, Mr. Bernier refers to another interview with Mark Steyn a year and half ago. Again, his views and principles are straightforward and consistent.

The Reform Party of Canada was formed in 1987 as a direct result of the discontent of a large plurality of members within the then existent Progressive Conservative Party.

Thirty one years later a new conservative entity is born from the same dissatisfaction shared by a large number of current or recently resigned Conservative Party of Canada members.

No one should forget that Mr. Bernier lost the 2017 leadership of the CPC by less than two percentage points.  In fact Mr. Bernier’s first ballot preferential support was far and away the highest of any of the dozen or so aspirants.  Had the straight up ‘first past the post’ voting system been utilized, Mr. Bernier would be leader of the Conservative Party of Canada as he garnered 28.89 percent first ballot support to Mr. Scheer’s 21.8 percent first ballot support.

Inexplicably, Mr. Scheer and the ‘victors’ of the 2017 leadership race were unable to keep Mr. Bernier and a significant plurality of conservative supporters within the CPC.  In retrospect, a pyrrhic victory at best.

Mr. Scheer is from a new generation – a generation that has already forgotten the lessons learned from the earlier division within the conservative right.

Resultantly, today we herald the arrival of a newly minted Canadian federal political party and with it, a new, but familiar, champion.

All hail Maxime Bernier.  A goodly number, a surprising number, of small ‘c’ conservatives and disillusioned non-aligned voters will be attracted to the concise, consistent and credible free market, common sense approach to Canadian politics that Mr. Bernier will bring with the new party.

I, for one, am on board and looking forward to the journey.

Glen Walushka, ba, AICB


Open Letter to Andrew Scheer

Open Letter to Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

August 23, 2018

Mr. Andrew Scheer:

You lost me (and my support) every bit as much as Maxime Bernier today gained my support.  I, together with other CPC members, have attempted to communicate with you previously – but you have chosen to rebuff and ignore all of our attempts to hold a meaningful dialogue and conversation.

One of the signatories to a previous letter sent specifically to you earlier this year remarked how impressed and gratified he was when Prime Minister Stephen Harper responded to an email the very same day that it was sent.  In the real world, Mr. Scheer, that is known as accountability and is an indication that PM Harper was fully aware that he was responsible to the very people who elected him – and who put our collective trust in him.  You, by comparison, chose not to even acknowledge receipt of that letter and we have not heard back from you to this very day.

Today, you have deliberately chosen to alienate and reject a significant plurality of the Conservative Party of Canada membership, as embodied by a vocal spokesman, Maxime Bernier, who rightfully chose ‘Principle over Party’ and resigned from the CPC caucus.  You see, Mr. Scheer, elected individuals with integrity acknowledge and respect that there is a ‘trust’ relationship between that elected individual and the voters who elected him or her.

You once had my personal support, and the support of thousands of other CPC members – but that support was conditional on you actually being a ‘conservative’.  Like most cogent individuals with free will, I choose to support a value system and principles, far above a Hollywood style ‘fan’  loyalty to an individual.  Demagoguery has never appealed to me and I will continue to vote my conscience – and my principles before I will support a party that chooses a lust for power over actionable, clear-cut decisive policies that are good for the welfare of my country, Canada.

I see that as the first responsibility of any individual who aspires to a position of trust and higher office.  Abandoning the wishes of a plurality of a political party’s membership once elected is morally dishonest and I cannot support an individual or a political party who is deaf, dumb and blind to that concept.

Your rebuttal speech to Mr. Bernier after he made his announcement was vindictive and petty, not worthy of a statesman and certainly not worthy of an individual who aspires to become Prime Minister of our great nation.  I am convinced Mr. Trudeau is a globalist and I am now skeptical that you are not also a man in his mold.

If you assert that you stand for everything, in reality you stand for nothing’.  An appropriate paraphrasing.

I am somewhat reluctantly herewith resigning my membership in the Conservative Party of Canada, effective immediately.  I will cautiously throw my support behind any version of a libertarian leaning, laissez faire, small government political entity that emerges from this fracturing of the conservative right in Canada.

You, Mr. Scheer, together with your out of touch advisors and mentors, chose to ignore current realities as evidenced in both the USA and in Ontario, as prime examples.  Voters want a party, and a leader, to stand up for values that are intrinsic to the welfare of all, without divisive pandering to special interest groups.  We vote with, and for, integrity.  We also welcome a political voice that is unafraid to speak out – even when the Main Stream Media objects and vilifies.

I believe this is another nexus created by the need to fight a common foe – but principles cannot be abandoned in the process.

I am not a practicing religious person but there is a Biblical reference that seems particularly appropriate.

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”.

You, Mr. Scheer, remind me, in many ways of a previous Prime Minister named Joe Clark who essentially rose to his position without a lot of real world experience.  Like you, Mr. Clark was young, somewhat likeable – and woefully inexperienced, resulting in his brief tenure as Prime Minister in a minority government defeated by a Motion of Non-Confidence.

To paraphrase the very words that the Conservative Party of Canada used when referencing Justin Trudeau prior to the last general federal election, ‘He just isn’t ready.’  I reluctantly have come to that same conclusion concerning your political ambitions.  You may someday turn into a great politician and statesman, but that is clearly on a distant horizon given your inability to keep the Conservative Party of Canada on course and intact.

You will learn, I trust, from this setback in your career and I sincerely hope that you learn from it and grow as an individual and as a politician.  If you never learn that you have to put the interests of the majority of citizens above your own personal interests, then you are fundamentally unfit for higher office.

As an example, refusing to re-open the dialogue on Supply Management, when it is patently obvious that the system benefits a small special interest group and costs literally millions of punitive dollars to the Canadian consumer, is irresponsible and unsupportable – even if that lobby helped ‘get you over the top’ when you were elected leader.  Why should the vote of a small number of special interests outweigh the vote of any other Canadian?  In that vein, knowing that NAFTA negotiations with the US will ultimately cause considerable economic  harm to Canada and Canadians (by way of punitive retaliation by the US) – if Supply Management is not brought to the table for discussion, is unconscionable and a dereliction of duty to anyone in a position of fiduciary trust.

I have met you personally and I was, up until today, a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, believing it to be the best, and only, option to defeating the inept and divisive Liberal Party of Canada that is being led by a self-professed ‘Post National’ leader.

After the events of today, and after your wholly inappropriate, self-serving remarks concerning the resignation of one of the only intelligent, articulate, passionate and yes, ‘conservative’ vocal members  in your caucus,  I choose to free myself from any affiliation with the Conservative Party of Canada – until such time as principled, honest conservative points of view are again accepted as a necessary and vital component in moving the Conservative Party again in a prudent, common sense, transparent manner – accountable to the wishes of the membership and a recognition of the need to maintain and improve the well-being of all Canadians.

I do not have any interest in belonging to a political party where the freedom of expression, the freedom of speech and the freedom to present divergent points of view based on reason and analytical evidence cannot even be entertained or discussed outside of caucus.

That is not democracy and I have no desire to compromise principles to accept less.  I truly expected better from you and from the Conservative Party of Canada.  Perhaps, in the future, when there is a recognition that the conservative voice within the CPC is valued and respected, a merger of the factions created today will again be discussed and implemented.  Those who created the fracture will have to be purged, one way or another, in order for that to happen.

The Conservative Party of Canada was a credible, viable and electable force under Prime Minister Harper.  Perhaps, someday it will be once again – but not until it matures and finds its way back to its political roots.  Today, like many others, I am looking for new options.  Today, I am setting up a new website ‘’ to explore those options.

Glen Walushka, ba, AICB