Canadians are ‘woke’. Finally.

About time. Canadians were sleeping but now we’re woke.

That was exactly the outcome that the traditional political parties and their complicit sycophants in the main stream media were trying to thwart – at least until after the October 2019 election.

How do I personally know that Canadians are ‘woke’?

Through the very digital media choices that are destroying both the relevance and the influence of the ‘bought and paid for’ traditional media outlets, specifically those sources now ‘feeding at the trough’ Five Hundred Ninety Five Million Dollars deep ($595,000,000) as provided by a grateful, corrupt Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party of Canada minions.

Here are a couple of examples that clearly indicate that the ‘genie is out of the bottle’. The presence of Maxime Bernier on the national stage can no longer be hidden and kept secret by colluding politicians and media.

The Power of One.

I have a personal Twitter account with a modest 600 followers.

Yesterday, I sent a tweet, one of many that day, that offered a fundamental observation – a statement that indisputably and absolutely resonated with a ‘statistically significant’ number of Canadians who are active on Twitter.

This was the observation. “Today David Johnston either confirms Canada is decaying into a banana republic or shows integrity by championing free speech, allowing Maxime Bernier, the emerging force in Canadian politics, to debate. Without Bernier, the debates are a farce“.

I took a snapshot of the analysis of that tweet one day later.

Twitter analytics for Tweet sent September 16, 2019 BEFORE David Johnston’s issued invitation to Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, was widely publicized or distributed.

Reminder. I have a modest 600 Twitter followers.

This tweet has been viewed over Thirty One Thousand Five Hundred (31,500) times in a one day span. In other words, my 600 Twitter followers viewed that message, re-sent it or ‘liked’ it and the ripple effect reached out to a staggering number of Canadians. Almost 32,000 at last count.

What does that really mean?

It means that the message resonated with Canadians. It means that the content of that message matters to Canadians. It means that Canadians respect and believe in the importance of ‘Freedom of Speech‘ and ‘Freedom of Expression‘.

The Aftermath. Shortly after I posted this tweet, David Johnston indeed did the right thing. Mr. Johnston made the ethical decision to invite Maxime Bernier to participate in an all leader debate – so that Canadians have a legitimate opportunity to hear all legitimate national leaders debate each other to ‘earn the right’ to govern after the 2019 election.

But why were these histrionics necessary?

Simply, because the sitting Prime Minister of Canada has become corrupted. This appointment of a Debates Commission with a Debates Commissioner to frustrate the opportunity of a newly emerging political force to enter on to a level playing field was a corrupt act imposed on Canadians by a corrupt government. Those who follow this blog, as well as numerous others, have become aware of the SNC Lavalin scandal, the Mark Norman scandal, the Ethics Commissioner scandals, among others. Today, the Commissioner of the RCMP confirmed that the SNC Lavalin scandal is still under active investigation.

The sitting Prime Minister has attempted to throttle Free Speech and Freedom of Expression by suggesting his Liberal government will introduce a ‘digital charter‘ that will impose ‘meaningful financial consequences‘ on tech companies who don’t reign in misinformation on their platforms.

TRANSLATION: Censorship.

Surely the Main Stream Media will exercise its Fourth Estate rights and hold the government to account. A fading fantasy.

Perhaps that might have been true in the distant past. In the past few decades, the MSM has become as corrupt as the government, acting as virtual sycophants, praising the government for undeserved initiatives, deliberately and unethically hiding the indiscretions and flat-out lies of the governing Liberals and complicitly accepting Five Hundred Ninety Five Million Dollars ($595 Million) in virtual bribes to ensure their acquiescence and partisan support.

It is up to us, as Canadians, to champion the rights that the Liberal government and their complicit propagandists in the MSM have attempted to extinguish through disinformation and misinformation.

This is the most compelling reason that the freedom of digital media must be ferociously protected and enshrined. NEVER should a government be allowed to silence the voice of the people, the vox populi.

In spite of the best efforts of the traditional political parties and the complicit, compromised Main Stream Media, the fledgling People’s Party of Canada and its leader, Maxime Bernier, will be granted its fundamental right – the right of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. The right to reach out to Canadians and ask for the privilege of earning their votes.

We must thank David Johnston for making what was probably a very difficult decision to advance the ethical inviolate standards of democracy. In spite of the efforts of the government, the other complicit political parties, the Main Stream Media and even the pollsters, themselves compromised as they accept payments from partisan political actors to ultimately provide partisan political polling results. Skewed polling results wherein the People’s Party of Canada was not even advanced as a voting choice in the vast majority of polls used by David Johnston to assist in his decision.

My one tweet reached almost 32,000 ‘woke’ Canadians who are on Twitter. Daily, I read and re-post, if warranted, dozens of other tweets from other individuals who are committed to the well-being and the integrity of the government. Individuals who understand that “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

Canadians must always, without exception, hold the government to account – not just during the writ period leading up to an election. We must, individually and collectively, stand up against injustice and corruption.

We must share our values and champion them, just as we must share our concerns and displeasure in the face of obvious government over-reach and corruption.

My one tweet reached out to 32,000 Canadians and ‘woke’ them. Thousands of other Canadians are doing something similar – daily.

We now have the resources in our digital world to truly make a difference – if we have the political will.

No one can take away our inalienable right to determine our own fate – except ourselves, individually and together. We again have power. We must use it wisely – and in the best interests of all Canadians, now and in the future.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

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