The Need for Clarity, or Why Political Correctness Has Got To Go

Offend someone today.  It’s your God-given right.

For the past quarter century or so, a nasty, pernicious, absurdly illogical phenomenon has been steadily creeping further and further into public discourse, to the point where it not only infects Academia (where at least it did not harm any sentient creatures) and the general media, but even our entertainment — novels, movies, music, you name it, it’s there.  It has caused the creation of a new sub-species of human being, the Professional Offence – taker, whose self-appointed duty is to spew forth manufactured outrage and to hound people out of society for saying innocuous things.  I speak, of course, of the phenomenon known as Political Correctness, or P.C. for short.  That it virtually rules in all of these areas is bad enough.  But worse still — far worse — is that it has infected our political dialogue as well, to the point where a meaningful discussion of almost any topic or policy is almost impossible to have.

Suggest that we should be vetting potential immigrants more carefully, to ensure terrorists and habitual criminals are refused entry?  Oh, that makes you a racist.  Or that people who practice “alternative lifestyles” could maybe just, you know, practice them in private, so that no one would care, and stop expecting everyone to “celebrate” it?  Well, that just makes you  a homo/trans/something – phobe!  Point out that not all religions are necessarily harmless, and that some do indeed teach some things that are, um, quite different from most of the others?  Why, you bigot, you!

Joking aside, this is where we find ourselves today :  An environment in which we cannot even talk about these (and other, even more important) subjects, because someone out there will seize on a comment (usually one that expresses plain, boldfaced truth) and use it as a cudgel to beat the unfortunate speaker senseless.   How we got here is not important, nor is the fact that the vast majority of people find P.C. laughable, for the most part.  Because it still hinders our political process, and that is hindering true progress in Canada.

For to craft, and promote, good, well-conceived public policy, policy that benefits the average Canadian rather than a few noisy special interest groups, we need one thing above all :  CLARITY.  Clarity, to allow us to first identify problems as clearly as possible, without having them buried in faux-polite euphemisms ;  clarity, that we may then hold serious discussions, with all sides putting forth their proposals and ideas (for how else do we ever arrive at the truth about anything, other than by open and informed debate?) ;  and clarity of purpose and action, to allow duly elected governments to enact the policies that will solve or at least mitigate some of the problems facing Canadians today.

But clarity becomes virtually impossible where the smelly, ruthless basilisk of P.C. is present.  For its only purposes are to cloud the truth, to render all language obscure and meaningless, and to bully sensible people into silence so that the Offence-takers and self-styled “Progressives” can own the Public Square, and get their little agendas pushed through.  P.C. has come a long way, it’s true, and has become an unfortunate fact of life for many of us, in nearly all walks of life.  But WE CAN FIGHT BACK.  Indeed, we must fight back.  We must retake the Public Square, so that common sense and the wisdom of real-world experience can once again rule the day (and the night too).

We do not need to be rude to accomplish this, nor do we need to start tossing around old racial or ethnic or chauvinist epithets.  That might get a few laughs, but it would play into their hands.  So, what to do then?  Try this :  the next time some P.C. clone  “calls you out”  for speaking honestly about something, or pretends to take offence at some harmless joke or quip. . . politely ignore them.  Or laugh at their pre-programmed P.C. response (good-naturedly, of course).   Point out to them that the very term Politically Correct indicates that the holder of such a position is being factually incorrect, on purpose, which means he or she is basically a willful liar.   And they are lying to themselves most of all.

Let us laugh Political Correctness out of the Public Square, and eventually out of existence.  Then we can get on with making this country, and the world, a better, freer, happier place.  We can do it, friends!

One thought on “The Need for Clarity, or Why Political Correctness Has Got To Go”

  1. “How we got here is not important”

    I’m afraid I have to disagree here. PC culture came from universities’ humanities departments in the 60s-70s, it took some time for PC culture to start manifesting in wider society, that means several decades of indoctrination before the first symptoms. That implies there could be hundreds of thousands of people who believe that PC culture is good, and indeed we’re seeing it as you say so in the article.

    It all comes from the post modern neo marxist corruption of the humanities from the Frankfurt school, which some may know of if they’ve listened to enough Jordan Peterson. Professors teach the students, who enter HR/administrative departments, and become teachers. They teach children, corporations and companies. Look at the recent Starbucks debacle, the solution was nothing more than corporate PC virtue signalling. Anti bias/racism training has been completely unproven to work, and in fact may actually have the opposite effect.

    The problem needs to be stopped at the root. I agree with Jordan Peterson when I think that funding to Universities should be cut by 25% out of the gate, and then ramped up to 100% if they do not implement a free speech policy. I personally would like to see a sort of political neutrality clause of some sort.

    Just my $.02

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