An Historic Opportunity — To Stop Doing Dumb Things

Today,  Peoples Party Of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier officially filed with Elections Canada to register Canada’s newest political party (I would post a link with pictures, if I knew how to do stuff like that!).  This is an historic day, and it represents an historic opportunity : an opportunity for the people of this country to one day soon elect a government that will stop doing dumb things. 

Too many of us, for far too long, have concentrated on what we think our governments ought to do , as if having everyone’s laundry lists filled and hobby-horses catered to would somehow lead to good governance.  As understandable as this approach may seem (and I have been as guilty of it as anyone else in the past), it is erroneous.  For to achieve that good and sensible balanced governance which all normal people want, avoiding harmful policies — in other words, not doing dumb things — is just as important, maybe even more important, than “doing the right things”.

Imagine then, a government that no longer practiced confiscatory taxation, but instead strove for fairness in the tax system, ensuring that no Canadian paid income tax until he or she had earned enough to support themselves and their dependents, but also making certain that hard work, ingenuity and  success were not punished ;  imagine a government that recognized that the notion of “managing the economy” is patently ridiculous, and thus refrained from all the forms of corporate welfare that have so distorted and held back the economic landscape of this country, and from promoting and subsidizing certain favoured industries at the expense of all others ; imagine a government that would vet all potential immigrants carefully, to ensure that only those who want to come here and live as Canadians, and help to make the country a wealthier, happier place, would be welcomed in, while ensuring that habitual criminals and those looking to import the cultural practices that made their home countries intolerable for so many would be politely turned away ;  imagine a government that would do everything possible to keep the Canadian Dollar strong and stable, therefore preserving the value of every Canadian’s labour, entrepreneurship, and savings,  rather than purposely devaluing it for the benefit of a well-connected few.

And imagine, if you will, a government that would only employ the Canadian Forces if there was a direct national interest in doing so, or if the lives of Canadian citizens were in jeopardy, and would never callously place our soldiers in harm’s way for the sake of making a few brownie points with the UN or NATO, or for preserving the silly notion that one can practice “peacekeeping” in places where the peace has not even been made.  

The dumb policies mentioned above — absurdly high taxes, economic micro-management, corporate welfare, out-of-control immigration and so-called Multiculturalism (AKA a recipe for civil war), currency debasement, and misuse of the military — are but a few of the practices that have cost Canadian taxpayers dearly over the past several decades.  How many billions have been squandered (after first being confiscated!), how many lives have been ruined, or even lost, because governments of the past decided, in their lack of wisdom, to go down these roads?  

It is clear, then, that avoiding dumb and counterproductive actions is vitally important, not least because it then saves resources for the truly beneficial things governments can do, such as providing transport infrastructure, keeping the civil peace, adjudicating disputes, protecting the borders, and ensuring the existence of a decent social safety net to be used by those who find themselves in dire financial circumstances through no fault of their own.  But where will Canadians find such governance?  Who can form a government which is capable of NOT engaging in stupid and counterproductive policy?

It won’t be the Liberals, that’s for sure.  Nor the NDP ; both of these are too busy thinking up new ways to restrict and regulate every facet of every Canadian’s life to bother themselves with such deep thoughts.  And the Conservative Party of Canada have lately developed an acute allergy to principles of any kind, to the point where the voter never knows where their stance is on any topic from one day to the next.   The Green Party, of course,  doesn’t bear mentioning.

No, friends, the only hope of this kind of wise, balanced governance is from the newest kid on the block, the Peoples Party of Canada.  It is growing by leaps and bounds every day, and Maxime is working hard to gather to it people of like mind to himself — people who believe in the natural liberty of all human beings, in true free enterprise, and in small, efficient government that always works for the benefit of the Common Man, and avoids doing patently dumb things.  

Like I said. . . an historic day.

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