Another New Year, and maybe — perhaps — a New Era in Canadian Politics

The new year, 2019, is upon us. How are everyone’s resolutions going? Same as mine, I’ll bet! But even if we slip a bit on the determination to quit eating junk food, or cut down on the beer, or to squeeze those sit-ups and crunches into our daily schedule, let us all make one resolution that we really do keep : Let us make 2019 the year that Canadian politics changed for the better. Let us make 2019 the year that government and its institutions started to work for the average Canadian, rather than against them.

Let us make this the year that punitive, confiscatory taxation ended forever ; the year that Canada adopted the principle that the people who earn their money by the sweat of their brows know better than politicians or bureaucrats how they should spend it ; the year that governments restricted themselves to taking only as much revenue as is needed to finance their basic, legitimate functions and services, and no more.

Let us make this the year that governments stopped hounding entrepreneurs out of business, through excessive and unnecessary regulation ; the year that they stopped taking money (taxes) from people making $ 12.00 per hour and giving it to various and sundry corporate welfare bums so they could continue to enjoy seven and even eight-figure incomes, even as the businesses and industries they control continued to gush red ink ; the year that Canada returned to a true free market economy, where governments began to (finally) stick to their duties and stopped trying to pick winners and losers.

Let us make this the year that Canada was made once again a businessman’s economy, once again a working man’s economy, where success is largely determined by work ethic, ingenuity, and thrift ; and let us make this the year we forever consigned to the ash heap of history this banker’s economy, this money-shuffler’s economy, in which we currently find ourselves trapped. For what true progress can be made while the main determiners of success are one’s relationship with one’s investment banker, and a willingness to knowingly take on mountains of debt that can never be repaid?

Above all, let us make this the year that we discarded the scurrilous notion that a country can be made stronger by making its individual citizens and legal residents weaker —  taxing them at 50 % – plus rates, constantly placing restrictions or outright bans on behaviours and pastimes that are of no harm to anyone, putting up artificial barriers to entry throughout numerous industries, etc. — and instead accepted the rather obvious fact that a strong nation can only be made up of strong individual citizens.  

Let us do all these things, friends, and more. Let us stop the bleeding — the bleeding of the Common Man — that has been going on for decades, since the so-called “Progressive Era” found its way into the Canadian body politic. Let us set the people of this great country loose to pursue their goals, their dreams, their passions, without undue interference. Let us do all these things, and in so doing make our country, the True North, strong and free like it never was before. We CAN do this. Indeed, we MUST.

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