Trudeau-Failure & Fraud

As abhorrent as Trudeau’s latest indiscretions may seem to the ‘virtue signalling’ leftists who pounce upon any demonstrations of cultural insensitivity, the latest revelations of Trudeaus’ moral character are merely the tip of the iceberg. (By the way, if you believe Trudeau, Catherine McKenna or Elizabeth May, you may need someone to provide you the definition of ‘iceberg’. According to these climate alarmists, icebergs were scheduled to disappear from the face of the earth by 2014. The climate messiah who made that ridiculous prediction was the entirely compromised, corrupt Al Gore who has made himself a multi-millionaire many times over based on his ability to create fear in the weak-minded fellow politicians who are easily swayed by globalist plans that allow them to personally benefit. But I digress.)

Trudeau is quite possibly a pathological sociopath who has lost his moral compass – if indeed he ever possessed one. Even today, after mounting photographic evidence of his extremely poor judgement, he has been unable to take personal ownership, take personal responsibility – and own it. Instead, he is continuing to ‘virtue signal’ by observing ‘We must all do better’ and that racial discrimination and racist behavior is a problem that we all share and must work together to improve – under Trudeau’s benevolent tutelage. Sure.

When will Canadians finally wake up and acknowledge that we have been led since 2015 by a low-level intellect and a con man of epic proportions?

Why is it that a case of multiple ‘brown face’ or ‘black face’ transgressions has attracted more media attention, both here in Canada and elsewhere (including on major US and British news outlets) than the multiple ethics violations, scandals involving judicial interference, scandals involving corruption and subversion of parliamentary protocols and rules as well as numerous legislative initiatives that are crippling the Canadian economy?

Unfortunately, part of the answer lies in a very disturbing reality – the deliberate, overt (sometimes covert) conspiracy (a term I do not use lightly and without factual predicate) on the part of the Main Stream Media to deny the truth.

I had originally intended on continuing this article on the basis of known facts to date. However, the strong indication that the powers of the state have been used to deny Canadian voters access to highly relevant, even more compelling character indicators has caused me to wrap up this article in favour of the following which will ask the most important questions – and demand answers necessary to maintain at least a semblance of democratic process in Canada.

We are not alone in this fight. Many more must join if ever we are to prevail.

Please continue to read on in ‘The True Cost of Silence’.

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